In early 2018 two best mates since University had got to that point of the party where the drink choices were running low. All they had left were a few bottles of sparkling wine, and some left over fruit from cocktail making earlier on. With one of the Toms being a trained sommelier and self professed wine connoisseur and the other Tom being more of a strawberry daquiri kind of guy, they decided to meet in the middle.


They began mixing the various fruits into the sparkling wine and with that amore was born.


The next day, a little worse for wear, they began mixing and taste testing different fruits infused with sparkling wine. 2 years and several flights to Italy later, they developed the first 4 flavours and finalised the bottle designs.


Amore is sticking two fingers (or champagne flutes!) up at what is typically a very serious, traditional and formal industry. From the bottle design through to the taste, amore is fun, inclusive and relatable.


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